Mentoring is a great way for adults with life experience to support a young person. That young person might not have a suitable support structure at home and could benefit from regularly seeing an adult that can be there to help them, find out more about life after school, routes and pathways, the skills employers look for and how to develop them. Or simply just being there and helping develop social skills & confidence.

DYW regional groups support 2 main mentoring programmes:

MCR Pathways - weekly commitment for 1 hour for a school year  - the young person may be or may have been care experienced

Career Ready - involved seeing the young person once a month for 1-2 years and also involves a paid (by employer) 4 week work experience. Popular from a social mobility perspective and frequently involves supporting a young person on their journey to college or university as no-one in family has done it before

Both programme are well resourced and provide full training and for purposes of safeguarding involve a PVG check

MCR Pathwayshttps://mcrpathways.org/become-a-mentor

Career Readyhttps://careerready.org.uk/mentoring

Both programmes are very rewarding and a great way to give back and support young people.

DYW West have experience of personally supporting both programmes.