Free Mentoring Employer Information Session

Free Mentoring Employer Information Session

It’s a team effort to support young people to prepare for the world of work.

At DYW we have seen the positive impact of when businesses are involved in providing inspirational opportunities for young people to help them understand and develop the skills they need to succeed.

For employers, engagement in schools and colleges provides access to a diverse pool of future talent and enables industry to take a lead role in inspiring young people and shaping the future workforce. This engagement helps to build young people skills for both work and life, adds relevance to their academic work and raises the career aspirations amongst Scotland’s future workforce. 

This free training workshop will increase your confidence to discuss your industry to a young audience and provide you with top tips to plan and deliver activities in school or college.

This workshop is designed to support individuals who currently engage with or would like to engage with young people in schools and colleges.

Come along to our free Inspiring Young Minds training workshop on *9th December to gain top tips for inspiring young people while they are still in education.

Find out more and access future dates https://bit.ly/3cyFtl3  


*Date Change




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