Scottish Apprenticeship Week 23

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 23

We are starting to plan our next campaign which is Scottish Apprenticeship week (SAW)! This week runs from 6th- 10th March 2023. We are reaching out to you now to see if you would be interested in supporting any of the following:

  1. Social media campaign - Apprenticeship Banner photo opportunity. We will come to your premises and take a picture of you and your apprentices/ colleagues with our DYW West SAW Banner. This picture will then be used on our social media platforms throughout SAW week.
  2. Talks & Tour of your company with school pupils  Would you be interested in hosting a talk and tour of your workplace for any of our local schools. Transport will be covered by schools.

 If you are keen to support any of the above, can you please let us know by emailing info@dywwest.co.uk


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